Association of Sickle Cell Collaboration

The Association of Sickle Cell Lower Chattahoochee Region and Tree of Life Healthcare are working together to:

  • Provide Screening, Preventive Care, Treatment and Community Support for children who have Sickle Cell Disease.
  • Offer Education and Medical Care related to Sickle Cell Trait in individuals who carry 1 copy of the Sickle Cell Gene.
  • Provide Education to School, Community Groups and individuals who have a desire to know Sickle Cell Disease.

What is unique about the Sickle Cell program at Tree Of Life Healthcare?

To provide compassionate care for individuals, especially children; pertaining to all aspects of their medical care: resourcing providers from many fields of medicine [doctors, nurses, social workers and counseling].  Our desire is to help families and individuals improve their quality of life and get the medical help they need and deserve.

Preventive Care and Education

Prevention is a major focus of care for children with Sickle Cell Disease.  Physical and Screenings are an important way to keep children with Sickle Cell healthy and improve their quality of life. Routine check-ups and screenings are necessary to check the child growth and test their blood and urine for signs of problems. For the child’s health and quality of life, it helps if we can take steps to prevent problems before they start.